Jan Pieter Kuijten
Jan Keuter
Patrick Frijters
Guitar & Vocals

A Brief History

In the year 2000, Jan Pieter Kuijten put together his own band. A formation of three they play strong Rhythm & Blues and raunchy Rock music. Pretty fast they conquered many bars and festivals and became famous with their original work.
In May 2002, their first album CD "Knife and Gun" was released with 8 of their own JPK songs. So far, more than 40 of their own songs have been written.

Their music has been described as a hurricane that unexpectedly sweeps over you and afterwards, leaves you with a feeling of satisfaction and contentment. During their enthusiastic and energetic live performances, they never fail to connect with the audience, pull them into what invariably ends up as one big party.

With bass player Patrick Frijters and drummer Jan Keuter, Jan Pieter has put together a unique bluesrock trio with an unmistakable sound of their own, performing live music full of drive and passion. As well as playing primarily their own work they also play their own interpretation of hits from other famous artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Roy Buchanan, Ten Years After, Johnny Winter, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, etc giving them their own JPK flavour.