Lost My Mind

Have you ever, had the feelin', you're about losin', your mind.
Your head, keeps on spinnin', for seekin' answers, you cannot find.
The whole day, you're thinkin', what in the world, is going on.
You almost, become crazy about the things that went wrong.

You can't help it, can't stop it, you're about to blow up, like dynamite.
You're losin' control, you can't sleep at night


Yes, I had, when I was a young man, at the age of 24.
I fell in love, with a woman, you know a girl, to die for.
For years, we were together, we had fun, all the time.
All the love, I couldn’t believe, this girl, was really mine.


She was my best life, but it turned out, she had to go, in the end.
When she told me, it was a shock, she was my lovin', my best friend.
Spoken: "I miss her"

Chorus (2x)