Knife & Gun 

Once I had a knife, that really cut so good.
You know, it was so sharp, I could even cut in wood.
But now it's gone, I really don't know where it's at.
I really miss my knife, it makes me feel ooh so sad.

Once I had a pistol, that really shot so far.
You know, it felt so nice, it made me end up behind the bar.
But now it's gone, it's been taken away.
I really miss my gun, I want it back someday.


Once I had an axe, that really stole my heart.
You know, it hacked so deep, I could cleave all things apart.
One day it was gone, you know I lost it somewhere?
I really miss my axe , I'm glad I left it over there.

Once I had a woman, that really cooked nice food.
You know she tried to poison me, that really wasn't good.
Since then she's gone, you know we had a little fight.
But my knife and gun, I got them back one night. (Ha, Ha)