I Wonder What Could Be Wrong

I saw my baby passin' by.
She looked me sweetly in the eye.
She's my lovely honeybee.
I don't know why she's leavin' me.
And I wonder, what could be wrong.

One day she said: hey JP boy.
I'm not your sexy playing toy.
I think you don't respect me so.
I guess it's better that I go
And I wonder, what could be wrong.

Chorus 1
One night I was sleepin', dreaming all night long.
Thinkin' about my darlin, what could be wrong.
She said my lovely boy, something I gotta tell.
The flames were getting higher, she sent me straight to hell.


Now I really do not know.
If she hates or loves me so.
I know that I wanna tell.
Something that I wanna yell.
That I love her, with all of my heart.

My baby makes me feel so fine.
I hope that she'll still be mine.
One thing I do know for sure.
My love for her is really pure.
Cause I love her, with all of my heart.

Chorus 2
I wanna tell my babe, I love her so bad.
That she's my little baby, she makes me so glad.
I wanna make her happy, that's what I want to do.
I'll marry my pretty baby, and say: "I love you".