All Of My Life

All of my life, I dreamed about her, I hope she likes me someday.
Now it's the time, to talk to her, but I don't know what to say.
Oh, she looks so good, she makes my heart to shine.
Oh, she looks so sweet, I wish she could be mine.

Oh yeah, we fell in love, we married and lived a good life.
Oh, we are so in love, she is my wonderfull wife.
Oh, she is so cute, she is my joy and my pride.
She makes me feel so fine, making love and kissing all night.


Now, my babe is gone, she'll never be back anymore.
She left to another world, she passed through a door.
Oh, I miss her so, I wish I could hold her tight.
Oh, I love her so, I dream about her all of the night.